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Crazy idea?! - All right! Let's go!

Welcome to the homepage of the photographer

Sebastian Judis - Foto Jut Is




What awaits you?


Relaxed handling paired with professional results.

Are you tired of 08/15, mainstream or selfies with a stretched arm or a graceful selfie stick? Would you like to upgrade your personal appearance on social media?


Then you are in the right hands with "Foto Jut Is". Expressive and characterful portraits awaits you.


Let's tickle your potential together!


In addition to "simple" and beautiful portraits, I love creating scenes. Fans of cosplay or people from alternative scenes are of course particularly attractive here, due to their polarizing appearance. Whether Gothic, Emo, Viking, Metal, Hippie, Rapper or Otaku - you are exactly right with me!


My motto is: Crazy idea? - All right! Let's go!

I stand for it with my name.



Of course everyone is welcome. So don't feel compelled to join a subculture first! - If you do, try metal.


With shootings it is important to me that we both feel comfortable. No stress, no hassle - you can see that in the photos! - So let's have fun and create wonderful memories and photographs together!


Short-term appointments are possible in the Berlin area - usually on Sundays.


In addition to shootings with you, I also offer you to shoot your fur nose. If you need photos of your products for Etsy, Ebay, webshop or other platforms, I am also happy to help. I also like to capture events photographically.



Do you want to beautify your home? Find your favorite motif in my shop .

Selbstportraet des Fotografen Sebasian Judis - Foto Jut Is

The beginnings

How everything started

My passion for photography started with normal digital cameras in my early years. At that time I lacked the manual understanding of this hobby. That didn't change until 2009.


In 2007/2008 my brother brought his SLR home with him during his visits. The functions of this camera (a Canon EOS 350D) amazed me.

Sure - during school and military service there was neither the money nor the time to buy such a device. That changed in 2009 and my brother drove me to the media market. I had my own Canon EOS 450D.


I "snapped" again and again with the good piece, but by no means came close to the photos that I had looked at for reference on the Internet. In addition, my studies were quite time consuming. The fascination was still there, but also the frustration with the stagnation.


It was only in 2014/2015 that this passion flared to the level at which it now lingers constantly. I watched countless tutorials on Youtube. I read in books about golden sections, perspectives and possible uses of filters, expanded my equipment with lenses, filters, tripods and more.


And where are we now?

I'm happy about new faces, interesting models and the wonderful things in life.

Of course, I'm also happy about every compliment, every request, every like and every new follower.

Professional service

Foto Jut Is - Sebastian Judis offers you many services.


No matter what service you want, I will do everything I can to make the photo session as relaxed and pleasant as possible.


I have an eye for the perfect moment and can take photos that are unsurpassed in their beauty, intimacy and emotions.


I do everything I can to make your pictures unforgettable and you will remember them for a long time.


Discover the different offers and take a look at my portfolio!

Jennys Lachen und Laecheln.jpg


Many customers come to me to be photographed in their natural beauty. The photos serve your own social media presence or are intended as a gift for loved ones.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!


Tell me what you imagine and what you want to use the photos for and we'll take unique, unforgettable portraits.

Vanessa als gierige Shieldmaid2.jpg

Storytelling portraits

0815 Portrait shots are too boring for you? Would you like to focus on your special pages and hobbies? Are you a cosplayer, warrior, come from Middle-earth or are you a Stormtrooper? You want to express how you look before the first coffee and you want to be photographed as a zombie?


I would say you found your photographer in me!


The crazier the idea, the brighter my eyes.

Frettchen Frigga ruht sich vom langen Sp

Animal portraits

Man's best friend? Animal soul mate? Mental support and motivator?

Present yourself with wonderful pictures of your companion!

Let's take wonderful pictures of your fur nose together.

Felsiger Grund Jotunheimen Norwegen.jpg

Landscape shots /

City photography

Do you lack the time to travel? Would you like to see the most beautiful places in Germany and the countries around it?
Dive into cities and landscapes with my photographs that you have never seen before.


Product photos

Do you offer the best products? Unfortunately you don't know how to stage them properly?
No problem. Whether cakes, tarts, homemade hair accessories or collars for pets. I will help you to stage your products for your Etsy, Ebay or your web shop to promote sales.



Do you want to beautify your apartment? Away from the traditional motifs that you can buy on posters in every corner kiosk? You can find unique motifs that are not found in every 5th household in the shops.
Take a look around in my shops and choose your favorite motif from the range.
Here you have the opportunity to bring these wonderful and unique motifs into your home as a canvas, poster, towel or even as a puzzle.


Dorfstraße 90

17089 Golchen

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+49 152/342 59 559


Customer reviews

You can only develop your potential through feedback. So here are some reviews of previous models.
If we already had a shoot, you can also submit your feedback afterwards.
I appreciate any constructive criticism.

Model Jenny als verschmitzter Sukkubus

"Von Berlin ins Münsterland...


Das Shooting mit Sebastian hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, war sehr entspannt, locker und gelacht wurde sogar auch.

Kein Gebiege und Vorgeschreibe wie man sich möglichst unauthentisch, unnatürlich und künstlich präsentieren soll.


Mein konkreter Wunsch (Standardportraits für die Familie), wie auch die jeweiligen Vorstellungen und Ideen von Model und Fotograf, wurden vorab besprochen, intuitiv umgesetzt und auch kombiniert.

Eine bearbeitete Vorabauswahl wurde mir zugesendet und besprochen. Im Gegensatz zu Fotografen die ich bisher kennengelernt habe, ist Sebastian kritikfähig und erst zufrieden, wenn das Model zufrieden ist.


Solche Fotografen könnte das Münsterland mit seiner subkulturellen/alternativen Szene, auch gut vertragen... Oder man hat halt das Glück und kann sich diesen Berliner direkt in die eigenen 4 Wände buchen :D"




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Thanks in advance.

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