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On this page I would like to offer you various files. For the future, I'm playing with the idea of ​​making the original photos available as RAW files to go with tutorial videos. This gives you the opportunity to try everything step by step on the same starting material.


Otherwise, I still have to look at what is available for download at the moment.

Handout - Fotografieren lernen mit Foto Jut Is

Inspired by numerous Facebook groups on the subject of photography and due to the interest in my circle of friends, I planned to give photography courses for beginners before the 2020 pandemic, which are less scientific than I thought in numerous posts on the Internet. When some refractions of light etc. started, my 17 year old physics student screams "Juhuuu". These contributions have rarely made me a better photographer.


For a long time I actively followed in photography groups on social media how one and the same question was asked over and over again. Okay admittedly there are 5 questions that are very repetitive:


"What is the aperture doing?"

"What does the focal length do?"

"What kind of exposure time do I have to set, if ...?"

"What could I have done better here?"

"Why is my picture blurry, blurred and the wrong color?"


One way or another - over and over and over again. The answers to these questions are always the same.


So I set about developing a handout for these planned photography courses.


Objective: to internalize what I have practiced and what I have presented and to enable the course participants to read about what is fundamentally important to consider.


Since the pandemic has certainly brought about one or the other new photography beginner, I would now like to offer this handout for download free of charge.


You can expect in the PDF file:


Basic concepts of the camera

- focal length

- Cover

- exposure time


- white balance


Basics of image detail



- landscapes

- objects

- animals / insects

- People


When preparing the handout, I endeavored to explain and illustrate complex issues in an easily understandable manner and with a pinch of humor. Numerous graphics and images can be seen on a total of 21 pages.


If you're just starting out with photography, I'm sure this little piece will take you by the hand in your new passion.

Handout is just available in german.

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