Cooperations of Foto Jut Is

We never get there alone

A conviction that I absolutely stand for today.

There are so many talented people out there who just don't get a chance to be seen. This is partly due to the overcrowded market. Everyone calls themselves a photographer, painter or draftsman.

Well, I'm also not a trained photographer, but I've only really called myself that since I've been convinced of my works and my work.

Therefore I offer this opportunity on my side.

Let’s link together. If I like your style and your work. If we inspire and / or drive each other, it would be a pleasure for me to refer you as an artist.

For this I am looking for other photographers, draftsmen, painters, models.

We are also happy for joint projects.

Logo Lin Gardener Art Illustratorin aus Berlin

The talented illustrator and illustrator Lin Gardener comes from the beautiful and quiet Berlin Treptow / Köpenick.


"The joy of creating


All you see are very personal photographs and drawings. I enjoy creating my own worlds with different means, in different styles. And each of them has its own charm. The joy of art is not only in meditative individual work, but also in creating something for and with others. I am happy, therefore whenever you contact me, be it for a joint project or for something that you would like to have implemented."